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COVID-19 will undo so much progress on reusables


In MA, Gov Baker just banned the use of reusable bags at grocery stores and pharmacies until further notice.

Is anyone else concerned that fears of the virus spreading will undo a lot of the progress that has been made on the use of reusables?


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  1. On the other hand, Covid-19 is also undoing so much regress on air pollution and fossil fuel use across the world right now.

  2. On the other hand, the scarcity of resources and the uncertainty about when they’ll be back may be forcing some habit changes that will stick.

    I’m seeing a lot more interest in reusable items and conservation of resources now that supply chains are becoming uncertain. If we can help and encourage those small steps it’s possible that the end result will be a whole bunch of converts.

  3. I hate to say it but I’ve been buying soap that’s packaged, other stuff that’s packaged, I had to
    buy laundry detergent in brand new bottles even though I have reusable bottles bc the refill stores already closed and no guarantee they would have the product. It sucks.

  4. At all stores except Aldi, I just use self-checkout.

  5. On the other hand, I’ve never seen such an interest in bidets in the US before. Some ZW habits might come out of this too.

  6. Albertsons let me use my bags, I just had to bag my own groceries. It might be worth bringing them with you and asking.

  7. Wow, that’s messed up.

    Especially now I shop with my own reusable bag, so that I don’t need to touch baskets/carts in the supermarket.

    In my local supermarket I can scan barcodes myself with a phone app, so I don’t need to take them out at the register. Just scan them, put them into your own bag, pay whatever the app says at the machine when you exit the store. Minimum interactions with the store employees and with any surfaces, safer for everyone.

    Banning reusable bags would make it much worse.

  8. i was thinking the same thing the other day.. i saw a sign at my local coffee shop about reusable cups and the like.
    i understand the risk of contamination involved with using reusable things but idk, i wish there was a way we could help ourselves without hurting the environment

  9. I’m unsure why they are banning the bags? Plastic bags seem to be more likely to transmit the virus or no?
    I think it will temporarily but once it goes away or there’s a vaccine I think people will see the amount of trash that was created and go back to being environmentally conscious. That’s my hope at least.

  10. I’m fearful that if I spend time making masks, they won’t be seen as reusable and they will just go in the trash. I have a brand new machine, plenty of fabric, but I can’t bring myself to help out with this one. I don’t make things for them to be thrown away. 🙁

  11. Not sure. At Trader Joe’s, we were standing in line, waiting for the 5 people to go in at a time. One staff was wiping down cart handles. Had my bags, and just walked in on my turn. Realized. Then. There…that I did NOT NEED TO TOUCH ANY CART. Just my bags that are aired outside and occasionally washed 🙂

  12. I think it’ll halt for a while but pick right back up afterwards.

    Incidentally, this might be a good time to plug bull buying. It’s often even better than using the bulk bin, since (1) it’s usually the same amount of packaging as what they use to refill the bulk bin, (3) nobody has to stock it, (3) you get to choose the option with the best container, and (4) it’s cheaper.

    Just put in an order with Azure Standard!

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