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What an inventive idea ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ Please ignore this text I have to do …


What an inventive #zerowaste idea 😍🐶 ⁣

📷 @cheesyveganlife ⁣

Please ignore #sustainable this #sustainability text #green I #greenlife have #eco to #ecofriendly do #bethechange this #zerowasteuk so #reusablebags instagram #reusablebag helps #reusable me #recycle reach #saynotosingleuse more #saynotosingleuseplastic people #plastic to #plasticpollution spread #endplasticpollution awareness #beatplasticpollution about #planetorplastic plastic #plasticfree pollution #plasticfreeliving and #plasticsucks other #plasticfreeoceans great #saveouroceans causes #sustainableliving thanks 🙂




  1. Just wait until he digs it up 😂

  2. I totally read all the words between the hashtags 😆

  3. And then the whole kitchen looks like a garden afterwards 😂

  4. That’s bloody genius!!!!

  5. Omg I love it !!💗💗

  6. Hope he doesn’t wee in it 😂

  7. My dogs would eat the dirt right out of the box!

  8. @annemarie.morgan @carow14 can you make one of these for dexter

  9. @mellamaraquel your cats?????

  10. @himbeerenundglitzer #lifehack!

  11. Genius! @mudontheroad @issydrinkall @emshalfordmac

  12. @bhang____ eto ti ideja za Dinu!

  13. @john.messina_ @sofiadamsphoto @personalchefkate @gallee24

  14. @mai.ke_89 das müssen wir für Ferris bauen

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